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However, when I checked that the links he has provided as ‘source reference’ work okay, I picked up on something in one of the photos depicting Kink Conn that Matt might not have been aware of, i.e Conn is casting spells. I mean, compared to the others who got done, his sentence was a lot harsher wasn’t it… Indeed, I find myself asking if old Clifford the Dog was ever really a Conn at all? You can read more about the Beatles in my 2012 article, ‘ For quite a time now, I’ve been rather fascinated by what I consider to be a suspiciously-high number of show-business paedophiles, alleged or otherwise, who’ve been connected personally and/or professionally to The Beatles.Course, to most people it will just appear that Conn is trying to stop the press from taking his photo, which he might have got away with had it not been for the facts that: Isn’t that right Max? I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this, hence one of the reasons why I’ve never raised this issue in public before either on my website/blog, ‘Conspiro Media’ or its accompanying ‘You Tube’ page, ‘Conspiro TV.’ Sure, if I’d had something of a revelatory or unique nature to bring to the subject, I would’ve wasted little time in sharing it online.Indeed, one of the nonce-ponce’s that Matt discusses in detail is a no-mark-skid-mark named Melvyn Conn who is on trial at the moment for sexually abusing underage girls back in the day…Not for the first time either, but I will let Matt fill you in on all the details.

from the quaint rustic hamlets of England's Childs Hill and Cricklewood - to the flashy fevered fleshpots of America's Beverly Hills and Hollywood... The website features details of the company's many distinctive publicity and marketing campaigns for entertainment projects and social & political causes from the early 1970's through to the present day. Campaigns in recent years include the US launch of the Beatles' "Anthology" albums in 1995-1996 and the US reissue of the Beatles' movie "A Hard Day's Night" in 2000-2001. The Beatles or "The White album" as it became better known was released on 22nd November, 1968 on the fifth anniversary of their second album, With The Beatles.It was also released as the "B side" of the Beatles single "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" in 1976."Julia" was written by John Lennon (credited to Lennon–Mc Cartney) and features Lennon on vocals and acoustic guitar.