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The Linx network deals with a very high caliber mix of sophisticated eligibles.Everyone has an exceptional background, great job, excellent education, many interests beyond the scope of their career, as well as, physically fit and attractive.It's Saturday night at The Sea ("Home of the halibut!"), which is perched on the border between Palo Alto and Mountain View, and anyone new here might think there's a big gay scene in Silicon Valley.Linx is an exclusive, by-invite-only, Bay Area based dating and social networking society created for the “marriage minded.” Linx’ main target of focus is linking the Silicon Valley male to the San Francisco woman, but is not limited to those specific geographic regions.

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“I try to soften up [their demeanor] a bit and play up their feminine energy.” She also offers pointers to all her clients on what is and isn’t okay to mention right off the bat.

Guys outnumber women about five to one at this high-end restaurant tonight and many of the men are dining together.

But they do not seem in that sense: Most are looking or tapping intently at their Androids or i Phones - both are in equal evidence, given the restaurant's proximity to both Google and Apple headquarters.

Some included, “What is the passion that brought you to your work now?

” and “Can all passions be turned into moneymakers?