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Michael Ball hosts the extravaganza, and as well as Lloyd Webber, those taking part include Michael Caine, Il Divo, Nicole Scherzinger, Melanie C, Tim Minchin and the egregious Simon Cowell.Classical guitarist Milos Karadaglic will also perform a number from Lloyd Webber’s eagerly awaited new musical, Stephen Ward, about the Profumo affair, that heady mix of politics, spies and good-time girls that engulfed the Macmillan Government in the early Sixties.PHOTOS: The Best of Bonnaroo 2013 THR: You just wrapped up your first solo tour. Then over the past year, as I’ve done a lot of personal work on facing my fears and making some pretty big life changes, it came to the forefront that that was going be something that I really needed to address and put my money where my mouth is, especially in terms of a song like “Brave” and that being my messaging that’s out right now. And it was such a transformative experience for me.The current relationship status of Sara Bareilles is not known. It reunites him with lyricist Don Black and writer Christopher Hampton for the first time since Sunset Boulevard and is planned to open early next year.ALW: In the last few years, everything seems to have gone slightly away from music and more towards the comedy musicals, the Hairsprays and the Book of Mormons.

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While there’s bound to be a bit of audience overlap, is part of the idea to pick up new fans from each other’s followings? We’ve done a handful of shows in the past and gotten along really well, so it’s really enticing when you can end up on a tour with your friends. I don’t think it’s a total no-brainer that our audiences will be super-familiar with each other’s repertoire, but I think there’s a really high likelihood that people will be excited about the other band. Some people had brought that up to me for years, and I always was like, absolutely not, I could never do it.Sara Beth Bareilles is an American singer, actress, songwriter and musician.In 2007, her hit single "Love Song" reached #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart which is a huge achievement for her.Till now she is nominated five times for a Grammy Award and has earned a nomination for a Grammy Award for Album of the Year.She is the daughter of Paul Bareilles, an insurance adjuster and Bonnie Halvorsen, a funeral home worker.